Monday, October 28, 2013

The Long and Short of Triggered Campaigns

What is a Triggered Campaign?
The short: It's a campaign that can be triggered, silly!
The long: A campaign is a series of emails that are designed to send in a sequence.  Of course, nobody wants to have to remember to send each email in the sequence at the correct interval, so AddressTwo allows you to "trigger"the entire sequence once, and each email is in the queue to deliver at its appropriate time.

Can you give me an example of a Triggered Campaign?
The short: Why, yes I can.
The long: The most common example of a triggered campaign is known as an Autoresponder.  An Autoresponder is an automated email message (or series of messages) that is sent to a person that completes a contact form on your website.  In simple applications, it's merely a message to say "thank you" and perhaps give an indication to the contact as to when and how you will follow up with them.  A more complex application can be demonstrated when you sign up for a free trial of AddressTwo.  Over the course of 14 days you will receive a series of emails (a "campaign") that was triggered automatically when you completed that form.

Why don't you just call it an Autoresponder like the rest of the world?
The short: Because we like to be different.
The long: Because we ARE different. Unlike the "rest of the world" AddressTwo triggered campaigns can be triggered by more than just a web form.  You can trigger it manually, for example.  If you have a follow-up campaign designed for new prospects, after your first meeting you can manually trigger the appropriate follow-up campaign.  Some customers even have programmed AddressTwo to have more customized triggers built in, such as a campaign that triggers each time a project is closed, or any time a new lead is entered by a sales rep.  Any event can serve as the "trigger."

How long or short can a Triggered Campaign be?
The short: 1 to 730.
The long: A triggered campaign can be 1 email long (as in a simple autoresponder) or up to 730 days long, creating campaigns that last for 2 full years. 

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