Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creating a Mobile Icon or “App” for AddressTwo on your iphone

“Does AddressTwo have a Mobile App?”  We get this question a lot and as we are working diligently on bringing our customers what they want our app is currently in development.  However, there is a great work around as you await the arrival of our next versions.

How to create a icon of AddressTwo for your iPhone

  1. On your iphone go to your mobile Browser “Safari” in most cases, and in the website address bar enter
  2. At the Bottom of your phone you will see 5 icons.  Click the one in the middle that looks like a square with an arrow pointing to the Right.
  3. Once you click that arrow it will take you to a admin page.  You will want to click on the icon in the middle of your page that says, “Add to Home Screen.”  
  4. From here you should see and AddressTwo Icon created on your home Screen Now
To do a similar process using an Android phone, follow the instructions in this video:

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