Thursday, March 21, 2013

Email Template Font Format

To format a paragraph click on some text in the paragraph. Then click the "p" or "span" html element in the list at the bottom of the html editor.

This will highlight the paragraph and you can select the font style and size. Do not try to highlight the entire text by clicking and dragging over the text. This will only set the font on one element, and there may be more than one paragraph in the text. Each paragraph should be formatted individually.

If a font is not selected, the  font options at the top will say "font" and default font will show up on the email after its sent. The default font for the email recipient may be different than the default font in the email designer. This can cause the email to appear with different fonts than you intend, so be sure to format each paragraph individually.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Support Tickets

You know how every time you ask us a question, when we answer via email you always see "[Ticket #0000]" in the subject line?  What's that all about?

I'll tell you.  Last year we developed a tracking system built as a plugin for AddressTwo to keep track of support tickets from users like you.  It works quite well, and now we want to let you know that you can use it, too.

What is it good for?
  • Giving a support@ email address or a website form to funnel all customer support issues through one channel of communication.  
  • Tracking all open issues within a date-stamped queue to make sure that no questions go unanswered.
  • Keeping a history of customer support issues associated to each contact.
  • Assign tasks and record notes on open issues, or "tickets" as we call them, so that everyone on your customer support team can know what's taken place with a given customer.
How do you get it?  Go to Admin >> Modify My Plan and you can select the Ticket Tracking plugin from the menu there.  It will add $15/mo. to your rate.  

Hubspot Integration

Are you a Hubspot user?  More and more companies today are using Hubspot to drive online conversion.  But what do you do with those leads after they convert?  That's where AddressTwo comes in. 

We have developed a very simple and straightforward integration with Hubspot.  Simple and straightforward--that is our approach to everything, of course, and it's how we create such an easy-to-use CRM program.  Our Hubspot integration works like this:
  • A One-Way sync of new leads from Hubspot to AddressTwo.
  • A link within AddressTwo back to Hubspot to view the corresponding Hubspot lead (and all Hubspot data and analytics)
So, what doesn't it do?
  • Two-way synchronization... once the lead is brought to AddressTwo, new information you add to that lead does not populate back to Hubspot.  We have designed this in the approach that Hubspot generates leads, AddressTwo manages those relationships.  It's a downstream workflow, not a two-way synchronization.  
  • Import custom data fields.  You may ask quite a few questions on your lead conversion forms in Hubspot, but to keep the sync simple, AddressTwo only imports pertinent contact information.  

How do you set it up?  Just go to the Hubspot markeplace and install it on your Hubspot account: