Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You can invite your contacts to verify and update their information in Address Two with the Verification button from the account view.
Clicking this button will send an customizable email to the contacts in the account.



This will send an email with a link to your contacts to verify their contact information.

You can also create a custom email template with a link to the verification form. There is now a merge link for the verification link.

The merge link will pop up a window with the link.
You can click Ctrl-c to copy the window and paste the results into the email template.
Then delete all the extra text and keep the link. The link should look like:
With this URL, you can link some text to the verification form.
There is one more way your contacts can get a verification. If you send an email to a person who is not a contact, and you cc or bcc , then Addy will add a new contact for this person and Addy can send a verification request for you automatically. If you prefer that Addy does not send an email verification, you can turn it off by un-checking the box under admin, user logins,
Enable Addy Email Verification: at the bottom of the screen.

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