Monday, January 28, 2013

Networking, sending Referrals, and your CRM

Many of us are involved in one way or another in some form of networking, be it a formal group like BNI or Rainmakers, or just the informal behavior of being a connector and a good networker wherever you may be.  So, how does a CRM help with that?

There are two ways to send a referral using AddressTwo.  I'll cover both, starting with the simplest.  The simplest way is to click the "send referral" button atop any Account View (shown below).

Now, using this method there will be an option offered to "Send a copy of this email to the referral contact."  You will find this checkbox at the final step just before sending the referral.  Some confusion has arose surrounding this option so, allow me to clarify.  It does indeed send a copy of the very same message (literally, adding a CC to the notification email) that is being sent to the referral recipient.  That means, if person A is being referred to person B, you can use this to notify person A that he/she is being referred.  That is all.

It does not send an inverse message whereby person B's contact information is sent to person A.  Why does that confuse some users?  Because, there is another method that you can use which will indeed send two distinct messages, one sending person A's contact data to person B, and the second doing the exact inverse.

This is called an e-Intro, and you perform this method using Addy.  To do it, you need to simply send an email to two parties that meets the following criteria:
  1. both recipients' email addresses need to be found on a contact within AddressTwo.
  2. Subject line needs to begin with the 7 characters: "e-intro" ... you can add anything you'd like after that.
  3. BCC Addy.
So, your email would start like this:

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