Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zen and The Art of Searching for What is not There.

We recently added the ability to search for blank values in the Query search. In response to several requests, you can now choose 'Is Blank' in the operators for select fields. The example below finds contacts with no First Name.
You can also search for non blank values. For example, if you wanted to find contacts with email addresses you could search for 'contains' @. There is not a way to do this for First Name or Last Name or Company.   Now to find all contacts with any value in select fields, you can select the operator 'Is Not Blank'. The example below finds contacts with any First Name that is not blank (null or null string, '').

When using the Is Blank/Is Not Blank operators, you should leave the string blank. (There is a red x over the first name string above.) This lets the query know that you are searching for blank values.
This will add more power and flexibility  to the Address Two query tool.
Happy Searching.

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