Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting tasks to outlook.

Address Two does not speak directly to outlook, but it is possible to add tasks to Address Two and get them to your outlook calendar through Google calendar.  The first step is to make Address Two your main point of entry. You can get tasks from Address Two to Outlook, but you can not get tasks from outlook to Address Two.
You will need to associate your Address Two Account with a Google Account in Address Two under Admin menu, Google Tools.
When you add tasks in Address Two you want to add a Time to push the task to your Google Calendar. Once you have the tasks in your Google calendar you can synchronize your  outlook with your Google calendar. Instructions are here:
It is recommended to manage tasks in Address Two to keep things simple. We are the simple  CRM. Synchronizing adds to the management overhead, but if need to get tasks to Outlook, this is the process.

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