Monday, July 30, 2012

Click-To-Dial Now With Your Current VoIP Provider

In March, we announced a simple click-to-dial integration with a single VoIP provider.  Hovering over any contact's phone number would allow you to click the phone icon and immediately dial the contact's phone.  For a quick tutorial, watch the video below.

But today, we are pleased to announce a broader integration that will support nearly every major VoIP provider.  Already have a VoIP service?  No need to switch.  All you need is a soft-phone (a computer software that dials out from your desktop, laptop, or Mac) that supports either SIP or TEL protocols.

Not sure what that means? We've made it easy for you.  X-Lite is one of many such free software programs that you can download and use with your existing VoIP provider, including Ring Central. 

If you're an existing VoIP user, this could be the single most time-saving new feature of AddressTwo all year.  If you do not already have a soft-phone software installed, download X-Lite today and get started with click-to-dial immediately.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting tasks to outlook.

Address Two does not speak directly to outlook, but it is possible to add tasks to Address Two and get them to your outlook calendar through Google calendar.  The first step is to make Address Two your main point of entry. You can get tasks from Address Two to Outlook, but you can not get tasks from outlook to Address Two.
You will need to associate your Address Two Account with a Google Account in Address Two under Admin menu, Google Tools.
When you add tasks in Address Two you want to add a Time to push the task to your Google Calendar. Once you have the tasks in your Google calendar you can synchronize your  outlook with your Google calendar. Instructions are here:
It is recommended to manage tasks in Address Two to keep things simple. We are the simple  CRM. Synchronizing adds to the management overhead, but if need to get tasks to Outlook, this is the process.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Task management updates.

There are 2 new ways to manage time and tasks.

Tasks now display time, if there is time assigned to a task.

If you have the Project Manager, you can add the allotted hours for a task on project tasks.

The Hours show up on the CSV export of tasks under projects.