Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visualization - The Duct Tape Marketing Hourglass

We are excited to introduce a new way for you to view your contacts in AddressTwo: a visualization.  And, our first integrated visualization method is the popular Duct Tape Marketing Hourglass™ method.  Visualizations create simple ways to group your contacts according to rules, such as their Customer Status, and view those groups visually rather than in a query result.

The effect can be very powerful.  In one glance, you can visualize where your leads hit a bottle-neck in the process of becoming a customer.  The Marketing Hourglass charts the progress of contacts from people who merely "Know" about you all the way beyond just the sale to those loyal fans who "Refer" you to others.

To find Visualizations in AddressTwo, hover over the "Browse" button in the top menu.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to put The Marketing Hourglass into practice in your business, download this free whitepaper from Duct Tape Marketing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

BCC Addy on Project-Related Emails

A tiny icon has been added to the Project View screen with big possibilities.  Next to the primary contact, you will find an email icon, like below. 

This icon does what you would expect: it opens a new email message to the contact listed.  But, you will quickly notice that the subject line contains some important data.  Namely, the project number.  When Addy receives emails with this in the Subject line, she knows not only to pair the history record with the contact, but also the specific project as well.