Friday, March 2, 2012

Click-to-Dial - VoIP Integration

 Click to Dial allows users of AddressTwo to place a call directly from inside AddressTwo, with the click of a button. With Click to Dial, after you click on the phone icon next to the contact you are calling, your phone rings, showing with the Caller ID of the person you are calling.  Simply pick up your own phone and wait for them to answer.  It’s already placed the call for you!

So, AddressTwo is in the phone business?
No. This is offered through a partner vendor, Fathom Voice.  In order to use Click to Dial, AddressTwo customers need to be using FathomVoice by Weeks Communications.  Many of our customers have already made the switch and are saving money without sacrificing call quality.

Does this feature cost extra?
AddressTwo does not charge users any extra to utilize this feature.  However, there is a cost associated with Fathom Voice service.  To utilize this feature, purchasing Fathom Voice in addition to AddressTwo is requred.  Pricing is available upon request.  To see pricing, click the dial icon next to any phone number in your CRM and follow the instructions for requesting more information.

Do I have to change phone providers?
Technically, no.  You may choose to add a Fathom Voice phone line for use within AddressTwo without porting your existing phone number and cancelling your existing phone service.  However, Fathom Voice is a full-featured phone system complete with auto-attendants, voice mail, and more.  At AddressTwo, we have switched completely to Fathom Voice as our phone provider.


  1. Is it possible to use this with VOIP providers other than Fathom?

  2. Not yet, but we are considering additional integrations. Do you have a provider that you currently work with?