Monday, February 6, 2012

Discreet List Subscribe/Unsubscribe for Email Recipients

To assist you in remaining compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations, AddressTwo automatically inserts a simple unsubscribe link in the bottom of every outbound email sent through our Campaign Manager.  This offers your audience the easy way of saying "don't email me again."  But, what if you want a customer to say "only email me for this type of information, but not this.  If they unsubscribe from your email about rubber duckies, but they want your emails about Acme-brand anvils, they've inadvertently removed themselves from all your future email communication.

There are two solutions to this problem, one a matter of practice, and the other a matter of functionality.

First, the simple matter of functionality.  You can offer your email recipients the ability to control their own list memberships by including instructions in the footer of your own emails with instructions to this effect and the following hyperlink:[emailaddr]&dList=[]&listControl=full

Note: DO NOT modify this link, including it's querystring variables, in any way. 

Your email might look something like this: "Click Here to manage the emails that you receive from our company."  Of course, hyperlink the text click here using the link provided above.  The result is a link to a page where each recipient can modify their own list memberships.  Be advised, however, that this means your list memberships will be revealed to the contact.  So, if you have a list called "people I don't like" you could be in trouble quickly.

The second solution I would like to suggest is a matter of practice.  While the above described functionality is helpful, don't neglect your responsibility as a marketer to practice responsible email marketing.  Target your message to the audience you're reaching and you'll have fewer unsubscribes.  This means email "blasting" to your entire database should be rarely used, if ever. 

Through good judgement and targeted content, coupled with offering your subscribers more control over the content they receive from you, you can dramatically reduce your unsubscribe rates.

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