Monday, December 31, 2012

Importing Contacts with Phones

When you import contacts, you have a few options for mapping phone numbers. Here are a couple of pictures to describe where the imported phone numbers show up in Address Two.
If you have only one phone number for a contact, you may want the phone number to show up in the company information(1 Phone-Main) and the contact information (3 Phone-Direct). You can map the phone number to more than one Address Two field.
Mapped Fields
Address Two Fields 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Side bar

The side bar in Address Two can be helpful.
But when you shrink you window, it can get in the way.

When this happens, just refresh your browser.
The bar detects the window size and goes away when there is not enough room.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zen and The Art of Searching for What is not There.

We recently added the ability to search for blank values in the Query search. In response to several requests, you can now choose 'Is Blank' in the operators for select fields. The example below finds contacts with no First Name.
You can also search for non blank values. For example, if you wanted to find contacts with email addresses you could search for 'contains' @. There is not a way to do this for First Name or Last Name or Company.   Now to find all contacts with any value in select fields, you can select the operator 'Is Not Blank'. The example below finds contacts with any First Name that is not blank (null or null string, '').

When using the Is Blank/Is Not Blank operators, you should leave the string blank. (There is a red x over the first name string above.) This lets the query know that you are searching for blank values.
This will add more power and flexibility  to the Address Two query tool.
Happy Searching.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Google Docs Size Limits and Workaround

Google Docs has long been our preferred method for storing files related to AddressTwo accounts.  But, you might find that on occasion, the file-size limitations of the Google API prevent you from storing large files (over 10mb) on an Account in AddressTwo.  Fortunately, there is a simple workaround.

First of all, since the file-size limit is only imposed on 3rd party applications like AddressTwo, this means that you can indeed still upload the file directly to Google Docs.  To do this, go to and log in.  You can place the file wherever you choose, but AddressTwo defaults to placing uploaded files in the "AddressTwo_Projects" folder. 

Once uploaded, wherever you upload it, you can then link this file back to the desired AddressTwo account using the "link existing file" link. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Click-To-Dial Now With Your Current VoIP Provider

In March, we announced a simple click-to-dial integration with a single VoIP provider.  Hovering over any contact's phone number would allow you to click the phone icon and immediately dial the contact's phone.  For a quick tutorial, watch the video below.

But today, we are pleased to announce a broader integration that will support nearly every major VoIP provider.  Already have a VoIP service?  No need to switch.  All you need is a soft-phone (a computer software that dials out from your desktop, laptop, or Mac) that supports either SIP or TEL protocols.

Not sure what that means? We've made it easy for you.  X-Lite is one of many such free software programs that you can download and use with your existing VoIP provider, including Ring Central. 

If you're an existing VoIP user, this could be the single most time-saving new feature of AddressTwo all year.  If you do not already have a soft-phone software installed, download X-Lite today and get started with click-to-dial immediately.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting tasks to outlook.

Address Two does not speak directly to outlook, but it is possible to add tasks to Address Two and get them to your outlook calendar through Google calendar.  The first step is to make Address Two your main point of entry. You can get tasks from Address Two to Outlook, but you can not get tasks from outlook to Address Two.
You will need to associate your Address Two Account with a Google Account in Address Two under Admin menu, Google Tools.
When you add tasks in Address Two you want to add a Time to push the task to your Google Calendar. Once you have the tasks in your Google calendar you can synchronize your  outlook with your Google calendar. Instructions are here:
It is recommended to manage tasks in Address Two to keep things simple. We are the simple  CRM. Synchronizing adds to the management overhead, but if need to get tasks to Outlook, this is the process.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Task management updates.

There are 2 new ways to manage time and tasks.

Tasks now display time, if there is time assigned to a task.

If you have the Project Manager, you can add the allotted hours for a task on project tasks.

The Hours show up on the CSV export of tasks under projects.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visualization - The Duct Tape Marketing Hourglass

We are excited to introduce a new way for you to view your contacts in AddressTwo: a visualization.  And, our first integrated visualization method is the popular Duct Tape Marketing Hourglass™ method.  Visualizations create simple ways to group your contacts according to rules, such as their Customer Status, and view those groups visually rather than in a query result.

The effect can be very powerful.  In one glance, you can visualize where your leads hit a bottle-neck in the process of becoming a customer.  The Marketing Hourglass charts the progress of contacts from people who merely "Know" about you all the way beyond just the sale to those loyal fans who "Refer" you to others.

To find Visualizations in AddressTwo, hover over the "Browse" button in the top menu.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to put The Marketing Hourglass into practice in your business, download this free whitepaper from Duct Tape Marketing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

BCC Addy on Project-Related Emails

A tiny icon has been added to the Project View screen with big possibilities.  Next to the primary contact, you will find an email icon, like below. 

This icon does what you would expect: it opens a new email message to the contact listed.  But, you will quickly notice that the subject line contains some important data.  Namely, the project number.  When Addy receives emails with this in the Subject line, she knows not only to pair the history record with the contact, but also the specific project as well.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Export contacts from Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 behaves a little differently than previous versions. Here is a link to instructions for exporting contacts into a CSV file.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Notify a user when you assign them a task

One of the main principles of our simple CRM is to show features only when they are relevant. If you assign a task to a different user, the notify check box becomes available.

This feature design is it to notify the user via email if another user assigns them a task. Presumably, the other user may or may not be logged in to address two, but has access to email, and needs to be notified of a task before the next day when they will be emailed a task list from address two.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Custom Quoting

On the projects screen, you can print quotes with the print button.

This will show the available quotes in the list.

You can customize the quotes by downloading the .rtf, make the update and upload the file.

First, click the (customize) link and download the file under "Download Templates:"

The custom templates are listed first and the Default Template is available at the bottom of the list.

Then update the text and add images to the rtf file as needed. Save the rtf file with a new name and upload under the "upload New:" section.

This makes the file available in the "Print Quote" list.

Happy Quoting.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Advanced Search: Query with OR, Write your own SQL

If the phrases in the title, "query with OR," and "write your own SQL," sound like Greek to you, then this might not be a feature you care about.  But for the few geeks among us, this is a major upgrade.  In the lower-right corner of the Query Builder screen, you will now find a link to "Advanced Search" where you can structure your own SQL statement using plain-english to reference the fields in the AddressTwo contacts and accounts table(s). 

Now, as you may imagine, this does open the possibility for syntax errors.  If you receive errors that you do not understand, please feel free to copy what you see on screen and email it to us.  As this is a brand new feature for us, we are sure to find ways to improve it.  But at a minimum, we're pleased to give our advanced users a more detailed control over the way their searches are constructed.

Click-to-Dial - VoIP Integration

 Click to Dial allows users of AddressTwo to place a call directly from inside AddressTwo, with the click of a button. With Click to Dial, after you click on the phone icon next to the contact you are calling, your phone rings, showing with the Caller ID of the person you are calling.  Simply pick up your own phone and wait for them to answer.  It’s already placed the call for you!

So, AddressTwo is in the phone business?
No. This is offered through a partner vendor, Fathom Voice.  In order to use Click to Dial, AddressTwo customers need to be using FathomVoice by Weeks Communications.  Many of our customers have already made the switch and are saving money without sacrificing call quality.

Does this feature cost extra?
AddressTwo does not charge users any extra to utilize this feature.  However, there is a cost associated with Fathom Voice service.  To utilize this feature, purchasing Fathom Voice in addition to AddressTwo is requred.  Pricing is available upon request.  To see pricing, click the dial icon next to any phone number in your CRM and follow the instructions for requesting more information.

Do I have to change phone providers?
Technically, no.  You may choose to add a Fathom Voice phone line for use within AddressTwo without porting your existing phone number and cancelling your existing phone service.  However, Fathom Voice is a full-featured phone system complete with auto-attendants, voice mail, and more.  At AddressTwo, we have switched completely to Fathom Voice as our phone provider.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Using your own HTML in an Email Design

Can I just upload my own HTML instead of using your template designer?  Absolutely!

Many of our customers employ a graphic designer, or have contracted with a Partner Provider who provides graphic design services.  For a true designer, our simple email editor may feel restrictive.  Or, perhaps you have previously designed templates that would be cumbersome to re-create in AddressTwo.

To upload your own HTML, create a new email template using the wizard, but select the "Plain Letter" layout (the last option) which will advance you directly to the HTML editor.  There, click the "Source" button to view the HTML source of the template.  You may paste your HTML source over the existing source to effectively create a new template entirely of your own composed HTML.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Connecting with Video

I got an email this morning from one of our long-time customers, Dave Anderson of Stream Three Creative, describing yet another creative way that he has found to use AddressTwo.  I wanted to share this use-case with you.  Perhaps it will spark an idea.  Perhaps you'll want to connect with Dave.  Here is what Dave had to say:

Hi Nick,

I just wanted to give you a shout and show you a couple new videos we're going to push out via Address Two.  The ability to put YouTube videos right into our emails from A2 makes it a great application for connecting and re-connecting with folks.

Thanks for having such a great platform.

If you can imagine your company using AddressTwo like this, you should connect with Dave on LinkedIn or Twitter to talk about how he could help.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Campaign Credits

Pricing for AddressTwo emails, postcards, and SMS broadcast has changed.  In essence, there are no more "5000 emails per month" plans.  Instead, it's a plan that gives you 625 Credits... and at 8 emails for 1 credit, you can buy 5000 emails with those credits.  But you can also do so much more...

Discreet List Subscribe/Unsubscribe for Email Recipients

To assist you in remaining compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations, AddressTwo automatically inserts a simple unsubscribe link in the bottom of every outbound email sent through our Campaign Manager.  This offers your audience the easy way of saying "don't email me again."  But, what if you want a customer to say "only email me for this type of information, but not this.  If they unsubscribe from your email about rubber duckies, but they want your emails about Acme-brand anvils, they've inadvertently removed themselves from all your future email communication.

There are two solutions to this problem, one a matter of practice, and the other a matter of functionality.

First, the simple matter of functionality.  You can offer your email recipients the ability to control their own list memberships by including instructions in the footer of your own emails with instructions to this effect and the following hyperlink:[emailaddr]&dList=[]&listControl=full

Note: DO NOT modify this link, including it's querystring variables, in any way. 

Your email might look something like this: "Click Here to manage the emails that you receive from our company."  Of course, hyperlink the text click here using the link provided above.  The result is a link to a page where each recipient can modify their own list memberships.  Be advised, however, that this means your list memberships will be revealed to the contact.  So, if you have a list called "people I don't like" you could be in trouble quickly.

The second solution I would like to suggest is a matter of practice.  While the above described functionality is helpful, don't neglect your responsibility as a marketer to practice responsible email marketing.  Target your message to the audience you're reaching and you'll have fewer unsubscribes.  This means email "blasting" to your entire database should be rarely used, if ever. 

Through good judgement and targeted content, coupled with offering your subscribers more control over the content they receive from you, you can dramatically reduce your unsubscribe rates.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Customize Options for History, Task, and more

Ever wish you could change the options available for the types of history events you can record in AddressTwo?  Well, you always could... but few people knew how.  So, to make it simple and easy to find, we have created a new dashboard in the Admin area of your account where you can modify commonly accessed drop-down menus and selections for:
  • Primary Product
  • User Defined Fields
  • History Results
  • Task Results
  • Support Ticket Categories
Just go to "Admin" and look for the "Custom Select Values" button under "Configuration Details."

Custom Fields

Adding custom fields to a database is perhaps the most fundamental way that you can tailor an "off-the-shelf" CRM product like AddressTwo to meet your company's own needs.  However, that comes with a challenge: adding fields requires some knowledge of database structure, workflow, and engineering -- just the sort of thing that you would expect a SIMPLE CRM to avoid.  We have just the solution... simple custom fields.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Using Gmail in Internet Explorer with Addy's Mailto Hyperlinks

So, you use Internet Explorer, but you do not use Microsoft's Outlook?  Whenever you click the email link in AddressTwo, it attempts to open Microsoft's products (either Outlook, Outlook Express, or the latest Live Mail) to send the email.  But what if you use GMail instead? 

In Firefox and Chrome, the process is very simple.  However, in internet explorer, it requires some downloads.  We suggest following the instructions from this Yahoo Answers user:

Download and install the free Gmail notifier. In Windows, right-click the Notifier icon in your system tray, and select 'Options.' Then check the box next to 'Use Gmail for internet mailto: links' and click 'OK.'


Monday, January 16, 2012

Removing Duplicates

So, you got started with AddressTwo and immediately decided: "Great, I'll put all my contacts in one place."  You imported from Outlook, you imported your customer spreadsheet from Excel, and you had all of your assistants or staff members do the same.  Now everyone's contacts are in one place.... just one problem: you all knew the same people.

What now?

Go to Admin >> Remove Duplicates.  Here is a handy tool that identifies duplicates in your database and allows you to remove them.  There are a few things to be aware of:
  1. It removes them.  It's called the "remove duplicates" tool.  You will have to decide which to delete.  Why?  It's simple: computers will always do a poor job of guessing which set of data you wanted to keep.  HINT: if you want to keep both, the names of the duplicates are hyperlinked to their respective accounts.  Go there and ABSORB together.
  2. Determine which one to delete.  If you have just started, and all contacts are new, it doesn't matter.  If you have been using it for quite a while, there could be an important decision to make.  If you have been recording a lot of notes, keep the one with the most history.  NOTE: It's always easier to manually update contact data with more current than it is to manually re-enter previous historical notes.  
  3. Know that it is indeed de-duping against the entire database.  The contact to be deleted could indeed be one that another user has created.  That's the reason this is an administrative permission function.  Only admins can reach it.