Friday, November 18, 2011

Merging or "Absorbing" Contacts & Accounts

If an Account has two or more contacts in it, but they have been created as separate accounts instead of 1 account with 2 contacts, how do you correct this error?  Or, what if there are duplicate records (i.e. two "Nick Carter's" in the database) each with some history and/or tasks recorded on them.  Can you consolidate?


Under the green Contacts box in any Account View you will see "Absorb..."  It's next to the option to Add New contacts.  This function will find another contact and absorb it under the current Account.  The first step is to search for that contact by name. 

When the matching results are shown, pick the contact you intend to absorb.  Next, you're presented with two options:
 - "Contact Only" will absorb only the contact information.  This is applicable in a case where one contact perhaps leaves one company and goes to work for a different one in your database.  You can move that contact from one Account to another.
 - "Entire Account" is used when you are truly going to merge the two accounts together.  With this option, all history, tasks, projects, e-billing, transaction, and any other data related to the account will also merge. 


  1. Nick, so does this mean that you cannot "mass select" contacts to absorb into a master company (for instance, NSC and absorbing the employees)? Can you please advise. Thanks!

    1. That's correct, Stacy. The absorb function is one at a time. How many accounts do you need to absorb at once for NSC?