Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transactions and Commissions

A relatively new plugin to AddressTwo allows you to track "transactions" and also apply a "commission" to that transaction.  How do you use these tools?  Let's start with some definitions:

A transaction is a special class of historic entry that includes a dollar amount.  You will add a transaction from the Account View by clicking the dollar-sign icon (below).
A Commission profile can then be established for this sale.  Commissions are assigned by a "profile" -- a preset of commissions, fixed amounts, or combination of the two -- that will be calculated against the total amount of the transaction.  For example, let's assume that in your sales process, the Account Manager receives 30% commission, and if there is any Prospecting Rep assigned to that account, they receive a flat $50 bonus for each closed sale.  Going to Admin >> Commission Profiles you will find (if the plugin has been activated) a screen that will look like this:
In the example above, we named this "Demo Profile."  Now, once added, any time a transaction is recorded on an account you can select "Demo Profile" from the drop-down and 30% of the transaction will be given to the Account Manager on the account as commission as well as a flat $50 to the Prospecting Rep. You can create multiple commission profiles for your various sales situations.  Admin >> Commission Reports will detail the payouts to users when you're ready for payroll.

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