Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sending email before you are logged out

If you have ever seen an error when sending Campaign Emails, specifically an error that looks like something/email_newtriggercampaign and some line number, you may have been logged out for inactivity.

You can usually see under campaigns, manage, Sent items; that no email went out.

This can happen anywhere but usually happens while composing an email.

The server holds a session open for about 20 minutes. If there is not a request to the server in that time, the session is closed to save resources.

You can prevent this by writing your emails as a saved template and saving often. Then you can make a change, save the change and send yourself a test email in rapid succession. Then when it’s time to send the email, you can pull up the contacts, open the template and send it on its way.

Another time saver is to create a mostly empty template that conforms to your branding under email templates and then compose the text of your email in another text editor program. Then when you are ready to send the email you can query the recipients, open the empty template, and paste in the text. The idea is to compose the email first, then send it to the appropriate contacts.

This prevents the frustration you experience when you put effort into pulling up the right group of contacts and get logged out while composing the email.

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