Thursday, July 28, 2011

Starting Over (Cleaning out Address Two)

So your import did not go as expected. That’s OK, Its easy to start over. You can pull up all contacts by clicking ‘Browse’ on the top menu.

If this is from a file import where you don't want to delete all contacts, you can search for the contacts created on the current date under query.

Then, on the result screen there is a drop-down list called ‘Use This List’. There is an option for ‘Global Update’ in this list, and on the Global Update screen, there is a button to ‘Delete All’

Some times it’s easier to just start over.

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  1. Another common question we get is how to delete individual Contacts. Under full account view go to Edit the contact and in that window you will see a big red and white x click there to delete individual contacts from an account.