Thursday, July 28, 2011

Starting Over (Cleaning out Address Two)

So your import did not go as expected. That’s OK, Its easy to start over. You can pull up all contacts by clicking ‘Browse’ on the top menu.

If this is from a file import where you don't want to delete all contacts, you can search for the contacts created on the current date under query.

Then, on the result screen there is a drop-down list called ‘Use This List’. There is an option for ‘Global Update’ in this list, and on the Global Update screen, there is a button to ‘Delete All’

Some times it’s easier to just start over.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home Life Perks - A pretty cool tool

I was recently introduced to Home Life Perks by local entrepreneur Arnie Goldberg.  Immediately, I could see how our users might enjoy this platform as a means to not only retaining existing customers, but growing their influence over a larger and larger database via referrals and what I like to call "viral marketing." 

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can integrate Home Life Perks with AddressTwo.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tables in the HTML Email Editor

The table button adds a table easily. First put the cursor where you want the new table. Then click the table button.

Then to merge cells, you have to be sure you have the right cell, object, selected. You can click the cell , or click the object in the bottom object map, to select it. The tag on the tag list at the bottom lights up when selected. When you have the object selected, the appropriate merge cell options are available.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One hard working Virtual Administrator

Here is a list of email Commands Addy can recognize and how to use them.


You can cc or bcc on any email. Addy will match your from: email address to the appropriate Address Two account and then match the to: email address to a contact in your Address Two account and create a history record for that contact with the email.

If there is not a contact in your Address Two account with this email address, Addy will create a new contact and add the history record. You can see new contacts created by Addy on the Address Two dashboard in the ‘New From Addy’ section.

This is when Addy sends a verification email on your behalf to complete any missing contact information. If you would prefer Addy not send out any confirmation emails, you can uncheck the box ‘Enable Addy Email Verification’ under Admin, User Logins.


You can send a VCard attached to an email to Addy to add a new contact.

If a contact is already in your address two account, you can bcc Addy on an email to the contact and the email will be added to the contacts history.

Important: Make sure there is not an FW: or RE: in the subject. This will process the email differently and the VCard will not be read.

Be sure to send your email to Addy in HTML or Plain Text. She may not be able to find a V-Card in a Rich Text email. Check your email settings.


You can send an email to Addy with the subject “find” and the first name and space and a last name as the body of the email, and you will get a reply with the Name and Contact information for all the contacts that match the name.


You can send Addy an email with the subject “Task” and in the to: field and Addy will add a task for you with the body of the email as the task and the first recognizable date in the format xx/xx/xxxx as the due date.

You will need to have a contact with the from email address (your email address) to attach the task to. The best way to accomplish this is to have an account that represents your business in your Address Two accounts.

You can also send Addy an email with the subject “Task:” + (the first name and last name of a contact) or (the name of a project) and in the cc: or bcc: field and Addy will add a task for you with the body of the email as the task. The task will be associated to the appropriate contact or project and the task will be assigned to the user that the email was sent to. (see also emailing addy to assign task)


You can send an E-Introduction to 2 contacts by sending an email with 2 contact emails in the email To: field and ‘E-Intro’ in the subject field and in the cc: or bcc: field. Both contacts get an email with the name , company name and email address of both the contacts.

If Addy does not know what to do with the email you sent, you will get a message from Addy that says so,

"I really want to help you, but I'm not certain what your request was for. Here's the info I saw, maybe you can forward it to for support:




Those details should help troubleshoot the issue.



your digital assistant from”

Happy Emailing!