Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Items & Materials (the "SKU Manager")

The Project Manager plugin got a dramatic upgrade last week, and we're excited to tell all of you about it.  It's what we have affectionately started calling the SKU Manager around the office because of it's use of SKU's (stock-keeping-unit) to uniquely identify products that you sell and assign costs & descriptions to each.

Previously, the Project Manager relied on a simple break-down for line items by Category.  That functionality still exists, and for those of you using it, you'll notice no change in expected behavior.  That is, until you go and add your first SKU. 

Under Admin >> Projects >> Items & Materials (formerly called "Project Categories") you can edit your category selections as well as insert individual items, or SKU's.  Once you have loaded an inventory of pre-set items here, you can select those items for sale when entering a Project.  What's the benefit?  Simple: save typing.  If you sell the same item over and over, you may have found yourself re-typing descriptions and prices in the Project / Opportunity form.  Now, you can save that typing and ensure consistency. 

There are a few other perks you'll soon find.  With a unique identifier on these line items (the SKU number) we can now report on exactly how much of one item you are selling or forecasted to sell in a given time frame. 

If you're a user of the Project Manager plugin, the SKU Manager will make your life much easier.  If you're not, now could be the time to try.

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