Thursday, June 30, 2011

Emailing Addy to Assign a Task

Thanks for Daniel Herndon for suggesting and helping to develop this very powerful new feature. Let's say you want to remind yourself to do something. Do you email yourself from your blackberry so it will be there in your inbox in the morning? Not any more.

Remind myself to do something...
Send an email directly TO Addy with the subject line "Task" and whatever you type as the message will get appended to your task list for the following day. If you write any recognizable date in the body of the message, Addy will assign the task on that date instead. So, if I write:
TO: addy
FROM: me
Subject: Task

I need to order a new print cartridge by 5/16/2012.
Addy will add a task to your task list due on 5/16/2012 with the description written.

Assign tasks to others on your team...
But what if I want to assign that task to my office manager, not to myself? Simple. Send the email to the assignee themselves, copying Addy. Of course, as you probably already realized, that means that your office manager will receive the email. They'll get your full instruction via email. But, in addition, it will be added to their AddressTwo task list for accountability.

Assign tasks related to Contacts or Projects...
Now, for the most amazing functionality. What if the task had nothing to do with something inert like print cartridges? What if it was indeed a sales or production task? And, (as our good friend Daniel Herndon taught us) these sorts of tasks often require far more instruction than the 100 character description allowed in AddressTwo. So, construct an email like this:

CC: addy
FROM: me
Subject: Task: John Doe

John needs to get a current price list for the widgets. He and his wife have been shopping around at our other competitors, and I had a conversation with him today. Here is what I think you can do to win this business:
- Throw in a free 1-year service contract.
- Include tickets to the game this Saturday.
- Complement his good looks.
Have all of this done by 5/16/2012 please.

The result will be a task, due on 5/16, related to the contact matching the string John Doe, assigned to the recipient. The description will only be the first 100 characters of this email, but that's irrelevant, the assignee has already received the full email. Now, the AddressTwo task is simply a matter of accountability and tracking.

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