Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Cloud is a Beautiful Thing

Last week, a frantic customer called the office.  They had lost everything on their computer to a virus attack and she was dealing with the devastating realization that much of her work was lost.  Her question for me: "Did I lose all my AddressTwo data, too?"  It seems like a silly question if you understand the nature of how our system is designed.  But for her, the benefits of the cloud hadn't quite sunk in yet.

But today, I'm in her shoes... and the view from the other side of the fence makes me appreciate all the more how beautiful cloud computing can be, if only I'd used it.

I have a computer that's been running Quickbooks Simple Start 2007 since before 2007 (those silly release dates are always jumping the gun).  It was a good old fashioned Windows XP system and never had a single problem, likely because it only got used a few times a month.

But today, the first day of June (bill-payment day around here), I was met with a not-so-friendly surprise.  Failed to boot.  Bad sector.  I'm currently 3 hours into the project of removing the old hard drive and recovering files.  What do I plan to do with them?  Import to Quickbooks Online, of course!  To the cloud!

Cloud computing for me is more than just connectedness and collaboration.  It's the simple peace of mind that my data is not dependent on the feeble capabilities of my desktop computer.  If your customer data were gone today, what would that mean for your business?  If you lost the contacts in your cell phone or your Outlook, could you recover?  Maybe, but why test it.  Make AddressTwo your primary resource for contact management today.

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