Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FriendTwo - What is it and how do I use it?

If you have been using AddressTwo for a while, you may have noticed that the original "Social Media Plugin" has been renamed as something called "FriendTwo."  If you're new to AddressTwo, you probably just wonder what the heck this second, seemingly separate product is.

First, what does it do? Simple.  FriendTwo imports a list of all of your followers, friends, and connections from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  It then combines those lists and looks for duplicates.  You're likely friends with a lot of the same people on these various networks.  Finally, it creates a CSV (spreadsheet readable in Excel) of the data. 

So, is it a separate product? Yes and no.  It's a "micro-site" designed to have some benefit for any person who wishes to use it -- AddressTwo user or not.  The whole world can benefit from FriendTwo.  However, it does have extra benefits for those users of AddressTwo.

How so?  When you use FriendTwo in combination with AddressTwo, you can link your contacts in your AddressTwo CRM database to their "friend" records stored at FriendTwo.  As you view any contact in AddressTwo, you can reference that data at a glance. 

The product is currently considered beta, which around here means: "here's an idea we think might be useful, let's see if people use it enough to bug us for updates."  So far, they have.  When people use a beta product and then ask for improvements, that's a sure sign that it's a product in-demand and worthy of further exploration.

Future enhancements considered for FriendTwo include a real-time sync, the auto-population of data from social networks into AddressTwo, and better support for large friend/followings.

Try it.  Test it.  Break it.  We just want you to use it.

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