Monday, April 11, 2011

Printing Lists and Queries

A number of users have asked a simple question: how do I print my contacts?  While having a hosted solution with data in the cloud is great, but from time to time there's a need to print a list and take it with you.  Our solution for printing contacts is (as the rest of our solutions) very simple.  Export to CSV.

If you have a Query or a List of contacts (or, you've simply hit Browse to recall all contacts) you would simply need to click the "Use This List" drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the results.  One of the options is Export CSV.

Another very popular CSV export is the Task List.  While you're viewing your Task List, you can export a CSV (upper right corner) which includes all the detail you would need to contact those people. 

Why a CSV?  A CSV file can be manipulated in your favorite spreadsheet software (such as Excel) and it gives you the power to determine not only which fields to have printed, but also preferences such as font size and orientation.  A CSV really puts the power in your hands.


  1. The only issue with this is that when you hit "export csv" it appears that the pc is doing something but I am not given an option to name the file and have no idea where it goes or what it is named.

  2. Bob, what browser do you use. If you're using Internet Explorer, it is likely that you have to give permission for AddressTwo to create files first. Look for a small information bar that appears at the top of your screen that asks for permission. If you have given permission, try hooding the shift key while hitting the refresh button in your browser.