Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How do I Remove or Delete a Contact?

Deleting contacts is not available at the click of a button. Guess what: that's by design. It's far easier to accidentally delete someone than it is to put them back after it has happened, so we have made the deletion process such that you cannot do it by accident.

To delete a contact, view that contact in the Account View screen. Click the "edit" icon (the pencil) next to that contact. This opens the edit dialogue for the contact. Among the options to the right, you will see a delete icon. That will delete the contact permanently.

Deleting an Account is actually done by deleting the last remaining contact under that account. If an Account has only one Contact, then by deleting the contact, the Account will disappear entirely.

We have entertained requests on various occasions to create a streamlined, check-box delete system.  Just view a list of all contacts, check a box, and click delete.  However, in every case we have uncovered that this request meets a temporary need -- one that is only valuable for the short duration after an initial upload and before a new user begins using the software daily.  When we take a longer-view perspective on using the software, it's clear that this ability to delete in mass facing sales staff every day as they work, call, log appointments, and update the data would not only be problematic, it could be disastrous.

Note: For administrators in the system, a query or list can be deleted in bulk using the "Global Update" option from the "Use This List" drop-down. However, for all the reasons noted above, please do use caution.

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