Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Using Gmail as your default email client.

When you click an email link in AddressTwo, or any website, the default email client pops open with an email ready to go with the details described in the link. Usually the details are limited to the TO: address, but the golden arrow next to the contact email in AddressTwo pops open an email with the TO: address and a BCC: to

This works great if your default email client is a desktop application like Outlook, but what if you want to use a web application like Gmail? There is good news for the Gmailers and the browser is the key. The default email agent is a setting in the browser. This means you have some control over the application the email links activate.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, there is built in support for Gmail. Just go to Tools, Options. On the applications tab go to Content Type: mailto and change the Action to: Use Gmail.

You would think Chrome would have integrated support for Gmail, but it does not. If you want to use Chrome or Internet Explorer with Gmail you will need to download the Google notifier. There is a notifier for Windows or Mac. Just Google:Google Notifier. I don’t usually like downloading more browser toolbars, but this does the job. You will need your Google email and password to install the notifier. After installing Gmail should be your default email agent for all browsers.

Happy Gmailing!

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