Monday, January 3, 2011

Send An Email - Campaign Manager Mass Email

So you have all your contacts in AddressTwo, now how do you send an email? Well, first, let's clarify that "send an email" can mean two things. It can mean a one-to-one email from you to a discrete contact. Or, it can mean a mass email, as in an email marketing message, newsletter, or other so-called "email blast." This article is about the latter.

First, AddressTwo always starts with "Who?" Who am I sending to? To answer that question, you either perform a Query or recall a List. A query searches your database for the right people, the "who" that you're sending to. A list is a manually composed grouping of contacts. In either case, you get a set of contacts in a green results box.

Note: You may also decide to send to all, in which case, click the Browse All button in the quicksearch box. This effectively performs a Query with no criteria, resulting in all contacts. The process is the same to send an email to all as it is to send an email to a query or a list.

Once the results appear, you should see in the upper-right-hand corner of the green results box a drop-down menu titled "Use This List." From that menu, then you select "Send an Email." You are now composing an email to the "who" that you selected.

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