Wednesday, December 8, 2010

User Permissions

About a year ago, as our customer base began to include larger clients--well beyond the solopreneuer and micro-enterprises--the need arose for varying user permissions. But, in keeping with the spirit of AddressTwo, it had to be SIMPLE!

So, the solution was (and remains) this simple: 4 permission levels.
  • Administrator - The admin is, by default, the person who created the account to begin with. Other admins can also be added. This permission level can see all as well as edit settings in the Admin tab.
  • Super User - For those of you who were true early adopters of AddressTwo, you would remember this designation because it was every other non-admin user prior to the introduction of these permission levels. The super user, quite simply, can see all just as an admin can, but they cannot change any settings in the Admin tab.

    NOTE: If you're an office with no secrets and everyone plays nice, you ONLY need admins and super users. Don't bother at all with the next two. But, if you need to preserve some sovereignty among salesmen, here goes...

  • Manager - the Manager is just a step above the Restricted User, and in fact, if they aren't assigned as manager of anyone, then they are in effect a restricted user. The manager can only see contacts, tasks, projects, campaigns, etc. to which they themselves have been assigned, OR one of the other users that they manage.
  • Restricted User - Simple, they can only see what pertains to them. They see no tasks, contacts, accounts, projects, or anything else that they have not been designated as the Account Manager or some other role in.

A few more special rules exist for Restricted Users. Restricted Users cannot export. Restricted Users cannot create new Campaign Content, nor Task Automation series.

That's it. It's that simple.

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