Thursday, December 9, 2010

Removing Duplicates

If you have duplicate contacts in your AddressTwo CRM database, you can easily remove the duplicates with the duplicate removal tool
Under Admin , click the remove duplicates button.

You need to make 2 choices to eliminate duplicate contacts.
First you choose the level of detail you want to use to determine if records match. You can choose:
  • Very Strict (low risk of false positives, but some duplicates might not be detected)Search for similarities in First Name, Last Name, and Zip Code.

  • Moderate (some risk of false positives, but almost all duplicates will be detected)Search for similarities only in First Name and Last Name.

  • Company Name Only (low risk of false positives, useful where no contact names exist) Search only for exactly matching company names.

  • Email Only (zero risk of false positives, but must have email address on file to detect duplicates) Search only for exactly matching email addresses.
Once you have set the Duplicate Criteria, the second step is to choose who will survive. You choose the survivors with these three options.
  1. The account most recently edited/created should survive.

  2. The account edited/created earliest should survive.

  3. The account contacted most recently should survive.
The Survivor Criteria determines which record is saved and which record is deleted.
In the case that you are removing duplicates in the import process, you will not see this option. The Survivor Criteria is automatically set to keep the contact created earliest. The Newly imported contact will be available to delete.
Once you have made your selections you can click Proceed button. You will see 2 columns:
Duplicate (to be deleted) and Survivor (to be saved)
Your columns of deleted and survivor will be determined by your Survivor Criteria. The survivor will be the record that fits the survivor criteria.
Now you can delete the appropriate duplicate contacts!

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