Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Contact Forms & Autoresponders

The free contact form is fast becoming one of our most utilized new features... probably because it's free. But, there have been a couple of questions come up about how it works.

First, where do I go to create a free contact form. Click the logo (which brings you to your dashboard). On the dashboard, right above the box that says, "recent website leads," click the "How" link.

How do I trigger an Autoresponder?
Well, first, this is where the free train ends. You must have the Campaign Manager enabled to use Autoresponders. However, there's a second catch. The campaign you wish to use as an Autoresponder has to have a "Trigger" activated first. To do this, go to the campaign, scroll to the bottom, and click the Active Trigger button. Disregard the HTML snippet it gives you. If you're using the form wizard, you won't need it. But, when creating the form using the wizard, you'll now have the option to select that Trigger to be triggered by the submission of this form, thereby "auto-responding" to leads.

How do I edit the form after it's created?
Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot. But, check back for later posts as this may become available in future releases. However, the short answer is this: the HTML that's created after you complete the wizard is a true output, not just the rendering of your selections. We use you selections to compose some HTML, and then spit it out, but reversing that process is not as easy as it sounds. Think of the HTML output more like a Poloroid than a digital photo -- once it's shot, not so editable after the fact. So, what do I do? Delete the one and start over.

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