Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If you have added new users, or changed your own username and password, you may have wondered about this obscure checkbox called "BCC Me." Allow me to shed a little light...

AddressTwo can send all sorts of messages to your customers. The most common are:
  1. Verification Requests - a short message asking the customer to verify the information that you have on file for them.
  2. Referrals - a message that shares the contact information from one of your contacts with another. This is ideal for networking introductions.
  3. Project Collaboration Invites - an invitation to a customer or outsourced partner to view details of a project you're working on together.
These are called "system messages." As a means of control, you can choose to have a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) sent to you, or any user in the system, so that someone is made aware when our system talks to your customer.


  1. how do you send a verification after you have already added the client?

  2. in the top of the Account Details (blue) box, there are icons to the right. Among them is a green check mark. This icon will allow you to send the verification request.